Strutts Accessibility Lift


Our lovely Grade II listed building is over a hundred years old. As with any great building of that age, there are issues to be taken into account as we consider how to make the building as accessible as possible. 

Level access to the building is via a door to the rear of the building, equipped with an audio and video entry system linked to reception. We also have a lift to the first floor and accessible toilets to most areas but some rooms cannot be easily accessed by those who are less mobile.

A hearing loop is available if required, however it is advisable to be aware that some rooms, by design have vaulted ceilings which can cause an echo effect.

The reception and booking team are familiar with all the rooms available, so please let us know of any issues in advance so that we can ensure you are offered the most appropriate room available.

When planning your visit, if we can be of any assistance at all, please telephone 01773 599993 and we will do what we can to make your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

If you or any of your group have any particular requirements that we can assist with, please let us know when you make your booking.

If you are visiting our site and need any additional assistance please contact us on 01773 599993.



Please familiarise yourselves with the FIRE PLAN.

In the case of a fire, do not use the lift. The top landings of the stairwells are defined as places of safe refuge by the Fire and Rescue Service. Please wait there and they will check for you on arrival.

The two exits from the main hall towards the front of the building adjacent to Derby Road have steps to ground level. If you have any mobility issues that make negotiating steps difficult, please use the exits towards the rear of the building.


Car Parking

There are allocated parking spaces designated for Blue Badge holders. These are located nearest to the entrance that we recommend using. This offers level access to the building via a door to the rear of the building, equipped with an audio and video entry system linked to reception.



We have several fully-equipped accessible toilets These are located on the ground floor by the two main stairwells on the main north/south corridor. Another pair of fully-equipped toilets are located on the first floor behind the lift. A map is available to show the locations of all toilet facilities within the building.

Two additional toilets are located next to rooms 10 and 17 and, while these are not classified as fully accessible in terms of equipment, they are standard toilet facilities that are spacious and easily accessed.

All toilet facilities within the building are detailed in the table below and include those opposite room 17 as mentioned, equipped as standard, but with enough space for wheelchairs.

The handing information outlined in the table below shows to which side of the toilet basin the moveable hand rail is located and where the space is provided for your wheelchair. This description provided, is as seen when facing the toilet.


Accessible Handing Location Type
Yes Left Handed By entrance to Room 10
The door is narrow at only 27.5 inches wide
Yes Left Handed By the base of the Northern Stairwell by Room 20, close to the exit Ladies
Yes Right Handed Close to Room 20 at the base of the Northern Stairwell Gents
Yes Left Handed Behind the lift at the base of the Southern Stairwell Ladies
Yes Left Handed Behind the lift at the base of the Southern Stairwell Gents
Yes Left Handed Upstairs by lift, toilet directly at the end of the corridor Unisex
Yes Right Handed Upstairs by lift, toilet to the right at the end of the corridor. Unisex
No Left Handed no bars Almost opposite entrance to Room 17
The door is narrow at only 27.5 inches wide


Assisted Hearing

Our main hall is equipped with a Hearing Loop available upon prior request. Please let us know in advance should you require this, so that installation can be activated for your visit.

We are planning to improve the assisted hearing facilities in other rooms as the project progresses.


Visual Assistance

We intend to implement further plans to incorporate a braille information display together with an audio described video as part of the Strutts Community project plan and will be taking further advice in relation to this as funding and progress allows.

Care has been taken when redesigning our colour schemes, endeavouring to use colours with sufficient contrast as appropriate.



We are constantly working to update appropriate signage, both internally and externally to ensure an accessible, enjoyable visit for all. The historic school room numbering system remains in place which can sometimes be a little confusing to those unfamiliar with the building. Please feel free to ask for directions and we will gladly help. A map of the building is available in the vestibule and at reception should you require a copy to retain.


Mobility Issues

Level access at the rear of the building.Our main entrance on the Derby Road side of the building currently has no ramp in place and is accessed via three stone steps. Should you require assistance, please contact reception before you arrive  (01773 599993) .  Inside the building, there are several short ramps at various locations, and we are happy to assist with any issues regarding mobility throughout the building. You should be aware that many of our doors are fire doors and can be quite heavy.

For information, the following rooms may be unsuitable for those with certain mobility issues:


  1. Room 25 (a, b), you have to step up into these rooms.
  2. Room 26 (the Gym), there are two steps down into this room.
  3. Rooms 54 and 56, these two rooms are located half way up a staircase and not accessible by the lift.
  4. Rooms 108 & 109, these two rooms are at the top of a staircase and not accessible by the lift.

We are continually looking at ways to make the building more accessible and user-friendly and are in regular consultation with agencies and charities regarding the latest regulations and advice.

If you have any suggestions, recommendations or concerns, please do not hesitate to raise them with one of our team.